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Internationally Published Makeup and Hair Artist, currently in Miami Beach.

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Well seasoned Makeup and Hair Artist in most facets of the beauty industry, mainly in fashion, mens grooming, commercial, and minimal FX makeup.

Trained, certified and licensed for 20+ years. Good with all hair types, extensions, wigs and hair pieces. Experienced working in national Ad campaigns and international as well. Bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish.

His work has been published at an national and international level. Magazines such as, Martha Stewart Weddings, 7 Hues, FEROCE, Solis, HUFF, Elements, Wedding Dresses, Trendy-Bolivia, and a few more.

From a very young age he displayed artistic abilities and a flair for the refined. His formal training was compiled of art classes, mechanical drawing, as well as history of art and design, digital art and photography. Always intrigued by how things are made and how they

hold up.

Defining his passion, beauty fell on his lap during his college years while attending the School of Architecture in Syracuse University. Some of his interest close to fashion were, costume design for movies and theater, millinery, and theater makeup.

Being exposed to different personalities composed of royalty, celebrities, VIPs and other personalities, have built his character and temperament in his professional life, which allows him to relate very well with creatives and understand their views at their level.

The maturity and discipline that he bring from the years in art and design as well in the industry itself, Paul would be an asset to any team.

A professional with strong on set work ethics that has worked directly with VIPs, royalty, photographers, art directors, producers, wardrobe stylists, and fashion designers.

CV available upon request

Bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English.

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